One Degree Organic Foods


One Degree began with a revolutionary idea: What if a consumer could know what was in his or her food? Not just a list of ingredients on a label, but really know the whole story of how each crop was grown, where, by whom, and even why.

That knowledge would give families and individuals more than peace of mind. It would also give them incredible power — the power to make better choices, and even to help change the way food is grown throughout North America.

One Degree has made this concept of 100% transparency real for a full range of organic products, including sprouted breads, sprouted and gluten-free cereals, and sprouted and traditional flours and seeds. On the Web or with a smartphone, consumers can watch a video of the actual farmer who grew each harvest veganically — meaning without the use of any animal based fertilizer.

One Degree offers total transparency, healthy ingredients, honest sourcing, and a strong commitment to sustainability and fair market practices.

Visit the One Degree Organic Foods website.