Little Northern Bakehouse


Gluten-free options are difficult to find, expensive and don’t always have the taste or consistency of regular bread. We believe everyone should be able to include great tasting bread in their meal planning, so we recently launched Little Northern Bakehouse.

The goal was to to provide great tasting wheat-free alternatives for celiacs, people with wheat sensitivities or simply making a dietary choice. After much trial and error, we arrived at a recipe that not only satisfied wheat-sensitive systems but also their discerning taste buds. We’re most proud when customers tell us, “Wow! This tastes like real bread.”

Our gluten-free breads are light in texture and have the consistency and feel of regular bread. They’re also vegan – meaning they’re egg free and use no animal by-products.

Every ingredient we use is guaranteed to come from only verified non-GMO sources. We’re proud to make gluten-free bread that doesn’t taste like it. And our customers agree.

Visit the Little Northern Bakehouse website.